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One-Day Workshop on Unconventional Water Resources

One-Day Workshop on Unconventional Water Resources

February 6th 2017

One-day workshop on unconventional water resources

Work shop topics:

Rainwater Extraction

Management of urban water pollution

Best practices for urban runoff management

Centralized and semi-centralized recycling of wastewater in urban areas

Closed circuit water system in industries

Water pinch analysis to optimize water use in industries

Accounting and reusing of water in agriculture


Masoud Kayhanian, Ph.D. (Research Professor Emeritus, UC Davis)

Mohammad Hossein Sarraf Zadeh, Ph.D. (UNESCO Chair in Water Reuse)

Arnold Pierleoni, Ph.D. (Professor, Università di Roma)

Duration of the workshop: 6 hours

Workshop date: Wednesday, February 15th 2017, at 9 AM

For all Graduate Students, Specialist and Water and Wastewater related Managers and Environmental Engineers