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SASTIW’s Second Congress attended by Chairman of the ECO Science Foundation

SASTIW's Second Congress attended by Chairman of the ECO Science Foundation

December 20th 2015

SASTIW's Second Congress attended by Chairman of the ECO Science Foundation

The honorable guest of this meeting was Dr. Hussein Soomro, Chairman of the ECO Science Foundation. At the beginning of the meeting Dr. Mousavi movahedi provided an explanation of the Secretariat Advancement of Science and Technology in the Islamic world and First International Congress of advancing science and technology in the Islamic world. He then talked about the Second Congress and noted that the Second Congress will be held in three smaller meeting with a number of Muslim scholars from Islamic countries and other countries. Then Dr. Soomro asked why there has been a delay between First and Second Congress. Dr. Mousavi movahedi replied that the Advancement of Science and Technology Congress was supposed to be held every two years, after the First Congress, with the participation of prominent Muslim scholars, but due to financial reasons it has been delayed. Then Dr. Mohammad Ali Mousavi explained about the purpose of these Congresses in shape of small meetings with specific topics and emphasized on the continuation of these meetings in the coming years. He also added that these meetings can identify the leading Muslim scholars in the field of each meeting, therefore, the network of scholars of the Islamic world can be formed. Dr. Soomro expressed his satisfaction because of his attendance in the Scientists Network Steering Committee of the Islamic world. He also gave some suggestions for the financial support of the meetings in order to achieve the aim of formulating policies for Iran and the Muslim world. He suggested that the Office of UNESCO in Jakarta can be communicated for financial support. Also offered to communicate with the Pakistan Water Resources Council for these summits. He also pointed out that the ECO Science Foundation considered 25 thousand dollars grant for these meetings and this amount will be given to the Secretary of the meeting through the Iranian Foreign Ministry. He has also mentioned given the time remaining until the soil meeting, it might have some financial assistance as well. In the end, he suggested that we try to hold meeting in line with targets defined by the UN (United Nations) for the sustainable development by inviting scientists who work in the field of policy-making in Islamic countries, in the priority. At the end of the meeting Dr. Soomro accepted the invitation of Dr. Sarraf Zadeh for the presentation at the water summit, and it was agreed that Dr. Sarraf Zadeh by sending an email to Dr. Soomro pursue the ECO Science Foundation grant for these meetings.