The Summit

Water, Sustainable Development and Healthy Life summit

Water, Sustainable Development and Healthy Life summit will be held on March at University of Tehran.



Advancement of Science & Technology in Islamic World
The late Muslim scientist and winner of Nobel Prize Prof. Mohammad Abdus-Salam, raised the issue of the quality of progress of science and technology in Islamic world. Secretariat for Advancement of Science and Technology in the Islamic World, SASTIW, was established in Iran as a response to this concern and furthermore to monitor such advancement of science and technology.
As you are aware, water is now one of the main issues in Islamic world that needs more scientific & technological collaborations. Because of this reason, the SASTIW, in collaboration with the UNESCO Chair on Water Reuse are organizing a summit of health and lifestyle with the title of "Water, Sustainable Development & Healthy Life ". Water challenges have no boundaries and are a global concern which requires international response & action. Management of water resources, both at the national and international level, has become increasingly complex due to the unique physical, geographic, and finally political characteristics of water and its cross-cutting nature across the spectrum of socio-economic development. Moreover, the global challenges of climate change, population growth, economic development, and as well rapid urbanization are straining the quality and quantity of the world's freshwater resources in increasingly unpredictable ways. The need to enhance access to water resources for human & productive uses has become more crucial than ever, while ensuring the sustainable management of the world's limited freshwater resources in terms of both quantity and quality. Therefore, it is essential to improve knowledge of society for sustainable management of these resources. Industrial developments and changes made in human lifestyles and activities, pose a grave threat to the environment. This summit will provide a good opportunity to exchange experiences and knowledge regarding the new idea, technologies and processes.
Water, Sustainable Development & Healthy Life Summit
There are no special topics for this summit. However, any suggested lecture should be related to water and present new idea, new developments and new technologies in this sector. Some axes could be:
 Sustainable management and policy of water resources
 New technologies (Nanotech., Biotech., Green Tech.,
 Phytoremediation, membrane, …)
 Modeling and simulation in water sector
 Special pollutants (Heavy metal, hazardous substances, …)
 Education and case studies
Important Dates:
 Suggesting the title of your lecture along with a brief description
July 31, 2015
 Receiving comments from the summit secretary August 20, 2015
 Full Paper Submission Oct 15, 2015
 Registration Oct 30, 2015
 Summit time March 2-3 2016


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